using crush's bathroom

Ok I don't want this to sound silly...

In my dream I was at my crush's house and I asked him to use his restroom. As I was sitting on the potty he walked in, and without any expression on his face he pushed me in the toilet, and flushed me down. And then I woke up...

The weird thing is me and my crush just started getting along. Because before he didn't like me at all.

Is there anything you could tell me from this dream??

- Michelle, Age 15, Single, OR, USA

Hi Michelle -

Some things can only happen in dreams... and in your case, that's good!

I'm not sure I really like this new crush of yours. He doesn't seem too friendly in your dream. I mean, isn't this sort of the ultimate way to get ditched? See ya!

Bathrooms in dreams often are linked to feelings of vulnerability, because we don't want anyone to come in and bother us when we're going. Also, when we use a bathroom, we expect that we're going to have some private time.

Your crush doesn't respect your privacy, and he comes in when you're exposed - and probably feeling a little vulnerable - on the toilet! What's the message? I think you're still feeling a little vulnerable in your relationship - especially since you know that he didn't like you before. And the getting flushed part?? I think you're afraid he'll decide he doesn't want you around anymore!

Remember - if it isn't fun, and if he doesn't make you feel good about yourself - it's probably time to keep moving on. If he doesn't shape up, you know what to do...

Flush him!

(Psst! Michelle! Lock the door next time!)

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