standing in line

I had this really weird dream that I was standing in a long line for something and my crush came over. We started talking and laughing. He put his arm around me and I woke up.

In fact, most of my dreams about guys I like involve us standing in line. What do they mean?

—Emily, Age 13, "a cursed single," Newton, PA, USA

Hi Emily—

Don't you hate it when you wake up—just as a dream is getting good? You signed your dream from "a cursed single," so we know that you must not have been dating very much recently. Ah, love is such sweet sorrow..... Waiting, waiting, and waiting... Waiting for the day when you will find your true love!

Hey wait a minute! All this waiting around..... It's making me feel like I'm standing in line!

Hmmm. It's just like in your dream! Remember? Every time you're with a crush in a dream, you're always standing in line!

What's the meaning? I think you keep waiting for one of these crushes to come up and speak with you, and get the conversation going. But I also think you're getting tired of "the waiting game."

What's the message? It's time to quit "standing in line." Why don't you break the ice, and start the conversation yourself? Ask your crush what he's
doing this summer, and if he wants to meet up to do something fun—like go bowling or watch a movie together? He'll say "YES!"—and then you'll be done with standing in line, and you'll be hanging out with the boy you want.

Dreams do come true, you know. (Sometimes we just have to give them a jump start!)

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