zzzs and tvs

Are you one of those “lucky kids” with a TV in your room? Turns out you may not be so lucky after all.

A new study reports that kids with TVs in their rooms have more trouble falling asleep at night, and wake up more during the night, than kids who don’t have TVs in their rooms.

Researchers at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital and the Brown University School of Medicine in Providence, Rhode Island warn parents and doctors that a TV in the bedroom may be an under-recognized contributor to children’s sleep problems. Over 500 parents were surveyed in the study, which asked parents about their children’s (ages 5 to 10) TV viewing habits and sleep behaviors. The results? The kids with TVs in their rooms (nearly 25% of the group) were found to have a significantly higher level of sleep complaints.

What’s the solution? Keep the TVs in the living or rec rooms—and save the bedrooms for sleep!

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