teen daily dream

Hi Elizabeth -

Sounds like a great dream! No wonder you keep holding out for this guy. Now you just need the dream to come true in real life! (Not the part where he’s a baby - the part where he’s kissing you!)

It sounds as though you’ve been through your share of ups and downs with Andrew, and that you haven’t always known where you two are going. (Does this sound like your dream - climbing up and down the “hills” - and looking for his house?)

The baby in the dream could mean several things. It could mean that you love Andrew so much that you’re dreaming about having a baby with him. It could also mean that you love him with a maternal instinct - like he’s a child you wish you could take care of. Finally, it could mean that you two are going to “give birth” to a new relationship together - that you two are going to make a fresh start.

Only you know for sure, but judging from your dream report, I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t a combination of all three feelings!

Love is such sweet sorrow. Wouldn’t it be great if, like your dream, Andrew suddenly “grew up” and wasn’t afraid to kiss you anymore?

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