millions of snakes

My dream was about myself, a friend, and a naked toddler. We were walking through one of my paddocks at home, and we suddenly came to a gate. We tried to climb over it but kept on getting electric shocks. We then found a button that opened the gate, so I pressed it, and while the gate was opening I noticed a rod that was sparking with blue electricity. We walked through the gate to a massive meadow of knee high grass. The baby ran off through the grass and I spotted wild flowers that I wanted to take a photo of the baby in.

The meadow was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Suddenly my friend screamed because there was a snake in front of us, and the grass had grown up to neck height, also the snake seemed to be on top of the grass. We were going to go around the snake but suddenly there were millions of them. We ran back through the gate and I had to push the button several times before the gate closed. I’m not sure whether the baby made it or not.

--Kim, Age 17, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA


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