ready to attack

THE CORRECT ANSWER IS... C. The boyfriend

Hi Michelle—

In ancient Greek, Indian, and American Indian cultures, snakes are considered powerful and auspicious symbols. In Indian Yogic traditions, for example, the snake is the symbol of the life force itself - the most powerful force in the universe - that resides in all life, providing us with the drive to live, and to recreate ourselves. Snakes often are interpreted sexually, as phallic symbols (owing to their shape), and, because they shed their skin, snakes are associated with periods of growth and transition.

The snake in your dreams is “orangey-red” (a flesh color), and behaves in a curious manner. Rather than biting you, it is “head-butting” you! The rhythmic movement of the snake, banging into you repeatedly, suggests a sexual interpretation. The fact that the head was separated from its tail also is significant. With most of its body missing, did the snake come to look more like a sperm, with a big head and little tail? If so, the symbol may reflect combined meanings of sexual activity, coupled with your desire to start a family.

I am curious if running around the oval track, racing with others toward a finish line, isn’t a dream metaphor for your desire to “reach” or “achieve” a committed relationship (marriage?) with a man in your life? You are interested in Mick, but tell us you are uncertain of his feelings for you. Accordingly, the feeling that you are “running behind” may be a reflection of anxiety, as time goes by (and as you watch other friends marry and start families), that you are running out of time. The fact that you strike this intimidating snake with a massive blow, which may or may not have killed it, suggests you are growing frustrated with “the chase.” Translation? If Mick has been “wasting your time,” and considers you a sexual partner but no more, I think you are ready to move on.

Before you put all your “eggs” in one basket (or with one “snake”) you have decided to wait to hear from Mick. I suspect he will “hear” your silence, and either will come to court you, or he will wind up, like the snake, being removed from your life.

If the blow to the snake represents frustration on the road to motherhood, recall that, with each disappointment, you learn better your needs and desires in a relationship. The Dream Doctor’s advice? Try not to become frustrated on the path. Now is a time for courtship and wooing - if not with Mick, then with another man who is on the same “track.”

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