turbulent ride

Hi Anonymous—

It’s never fun when the plane you are riding on begins to feel like a roller coaster!

Airplanes in waking life are associated with big trips and travel to exotic, faraway destinations. Airplanes in dreams, accordingly, are associated with big goals in our lives—usually related to our careers. Will our career ever “get off the ground,” “take flight,” and “rise to a new level?” Will we ever achieve the “elevated” social status that we envision for our selves?

Because you recently lost your job, the stress of unemployment naturally is weighing upon you. The difficulty that your plane has gaining altitude represents doubts you hold about “overcoming” current obstacles. The roller coaster ride lets us know you have been experiencing “ups and downs” recently, and “waves of emotion” as you hold on during an emotionally turbulent period. The presence of your father indicates his influence upon your thinking (you wonder how he would think you are progressing) and also may reflect the continuing emotions that you experience in conjunction with his passing.

As this dream ends, you are concerned that you may have lost your purse. Purses in dreams hold associations to identity and power (because we carry our identification and money inside them). What’s the meaning? Your recent job loss has made you question your identity, and is beginning to cause feelings of powerlessness.

The message of “plane crash” dreams always is the same. It’s time to rescue your self from feelings of being in a “free fall” by taking concrete steps to reassert your goals and values. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Your nervous plane ride dreams show you are anxious to get back on course.

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