loose incisors

Hi Kate -

Teeth falling out dreams are one of the more common, and universal, dreams that people have. They generally reflect concerns about our appearance or about the aging process - both of which, of course, are related issues. In your dream, your “nervous habit” of fiddling with your incisors may indicate your own nervousness about any of the myriad changes that come with age. I think it also is significant that the teeth in question are your incisors. These are our strongest, sharpest teeth - used primarily for tearing flesh. Losing your incisors seems to correspond with your later fears, in the dream, that you are physically deteriorating - losing your vitality.

You seem a bit young to be having these dreams, Kate - you’re only 26! But perhaps you already are discerning the great wisdom of the ages - that life is fleeting - and that we always want to try to live each day to the fullest.

Here’s another “teeth falling out” dream - from a different side of the ocean. Same theme, though! Notice that this dreamer is very sophisticated. She is able to discern that she is dreaming, and interpret her dream - correctly - while she is still in it. Death in dreams almost always symbolizes change, transformation, and metamorphosis - and should not be interpreted literally.

Dear Dream Doctor,

I am wearing false teeth. I ask my mother if I can take them off. When I do my own teeth become loose and begin to fall out. I try to secure them in their places, but new ones become loose. When I take a string of teeth out they look like clovers and I am interested in how organic they are. When I take out other teeth they are rotted through with holes. Then I look in the mirror and see that my left eye is missing and all I see is bloody muscle tissue in the socket.

I think to myself that the death process has sped up and that my body is deteriorating. Then I reason that this is just a dream and that it means change is coming, but I don’t wake up and I am uncertain that this is a dream. I am horrified that my body is failing, but try to repair it and remain optimistic.

 --Amanda, Age 30, Portland, MA, USA


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