Hi Jillie—

It’s wonderful how dreams represent feelings, isn’t it? Instead of seeing plain old cigarette smoke climbing lazily into the air, your dream paints your smoke brilliant shades of fuchsia and maroon, then twists them artistically into an indoor tornado. It’s a pretty cool trick, considering the plot of your dream is a casual cigarette shared with your mother.

Today you think smoking is sophisticated and exotic—and your dream clearly reflects this fascination. Your mother, on the other hand, who has benefit of many more years of smoking experience, warns you it is toxic and to be avoided.

Speaking of which… Isn’t it a little odd that your mother is warning you of the dangers of smoking? After all, she’s smoking a cigarette with you, isn’t she?

Your mother wishes she could stop smoking, but she can’t. And isn’t that the real message of this dream? Cigarettes cause lung disease, ruin your skin, and kill your athleticism. Next time you light up a cigarette, try to remember the difference between dreams and reality. Cigarettes look glamorous, but it’s just an illusion!

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