sexual abuse

Hi Neva -

I bet you were shocked to wake up from that dream!

But I tell you, dreams like yours actually aren’t that unusual. We have all heard horror stories about sexual abuse within families - where what you described in your dream actually happens - so it is not unusual that your subconscious mind represents this fear in dream form. It’s the same thing as if you watched a scary movie on TV and then had a nightmare about it the same night. I think your father was chosen as the perpetrator of this act simply because you have heard about other children who have been molested by their parents - often a young girl by her father, and often when alcohol is involved.

I suggest you talk to your Mom and Dad about your dream and also try to figure out what it was you were reading or talking about lately with your friends that made you have it. You are at an age where you are becoming increasingly sexually curious, and I’m sure you have a lot of questions. If you are worried about being sexually attacked or molested, tell this to your parents. I think your concern is normal, and while it isn’t anything to be over-concerned with, you do need to be careful around people you don’t know and don’t trust - and also, like your dream showed, where alcohol is involved. I do think you’ll benefit a lot from talking about all these questions with your Mom and Dad. :-)

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