lose my daughter

Hi Jeannine -

Take 5 deep breaths and relax! Your dream reflects a deeply held, absolutely normal fear shared by all parents - that they might one day lose a child. I think the fact that your dream takes place on the parish steps coincides with the premonitory aspect of the dream - we often expect the church or religions to be able to “divine” the future for us - especially with regard to the afterlife. Accordingly, the dream appears to be representing your fear in almost a magical or awesome type of setting - as if it was a communication from the gods.

In your dream report you write that you worry about your daughter “constantly.” I genuinely believe that the first part of your dream is nothing more than a representation of this daily fear you hold for your daughter’s well-being. You are worried about her, which is natural, and so you dream about her safety - and your fears. In no way do I believe that the dream is psychic, precognitive, or a communication from spirit.

I find it significant that your father appears in the dream and warns you of listening to this woman’s words. He tells you “don’t believe what you heard - everything you hear isn’t the truth,” and I think your father, in this regard, is right on target. He is giving you sound advice. I believe the advice this dream is trying to give you is the same. Try not to listen so much to those voices of fear that sound in your head. Be practical and wise about your daughter’s safety. There’s no reason not be optimistic about her future - and yours.

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