Hi Motorcycle Mama -

Believe it or not - this is what we call a “transparent” dream in interpretation circles. That’s because none of the people, or symbols in the dream, appear to be disguised.

Translation? I think your dream is about what it appears to be about - some lingering mis-givings about the money you received when your parents passed on, and about how you’ve spent it.

Money is a sensitive issue for many of us, and, especially among families, it can be used as a barometer of success. Were we ever completely financially independent, or did we have to rely on our parents or siblings to “help us out” every once in a while? Did we ever receive “success” status from our parents, or did they always think of as children they had to “take care of” financially?

Your dream suggests you want to re-examine your relationship with money. It is evident that you think your parents might disagree with how you’ve chosen to spend money in the past. Is their admonition - even if it is coming from the grave - legitimate? If so, perhaps you can accept their wisdom and begin to make changes in your spending patterns. It’s never too late to accept good advice from anyone.

If you’re comfortable with your money management style, perhaps this dream just reflects that tenacious independent streak of yours (the same one that makes you a motorcycle mama!) You may feel like your parents, through their inheritance, are continuing to try to control you. If so, I’m sure that’s not their intention. Enjoy their gift - and spend it as you see fit.

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