Hi Pablo -

I think your dream is reflecting your concerns about your girlfriend dating other people now that you two have split up. It’s a natural enough feeling - to continue to feel possessive about your ex after breaking up - but it also is very poor dating etiquette. Your girlfriend eventually will date other people, just as you will eventually date other people in your life. If you aren’t going to be with her, you should at least be graceful enough to wish her happiness with someone else.

The “actor” in your dream most likely represents your own feelings for your girlfriend. You wish you could have her back, and you also wish that you could make her stay by threatening her with what would happen if she ever left you again. But the symbology of the playing card - the two of spades - is telling here. The Ace of spades, you probably are aware, is commonly associated with death. In your case it was the Two of spades, which I think refers to the “death” - the ending - of your romantic relationship. One plus one equals two.

You most likely are a bit angry that your girlfriend and you split up. Try to swallow it and move on. If you two really care about each other, you will try to help each other through this difficult time, rather than hurting each other with blaming, jealously, and possessiveness.

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