kill my brother

I had a dream that I was in a room with a close relative. They were working on a trick break away desk. The room was at the top of a house similar to a house my father’s parents had. The other person in the room with me tried to spook me by jumping at me. I pushed him away and he landed on the desk, it broke away, and he ended up falling a full story to a basement type room. When I got down there, I realized the relative that I pushed was my brother. Also when I got to the basement to check on him he was dead. At which point I freaked out in my dream. Hysteria, tears, and full out grieving for him. Along with the guilt of being the catalyst for his death. I know I didn’t kill him intentionally but I was very upset. A montage of events then took place. Relatives showing up. A wake along with a service. I lose the dream after that.

In reality my brother, his wife and their two children are the focus of our family's crisis. They are having a lot of problems and will end in divorce. The wife is diagnosed with a serious illness and no one feels he’s competent to raise the children, including himself, by himself. Both him and his wife are looking to me and my wife to raise the children. Along with grandparents on both sides.

If you have any input or ideas I really look forward to your thoughts on this. I am quite bothered by the death part of the dream. I have never had someone close to me like that die in my dreams.

--Signed Spooked

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