learning to crawl

Background information: lots of heartache

My Dream: My long time boyfriend and I just separated for a while because we have been arguing a lot. I feel really sad and angry and scared that I might lose him; but I had a dream that we were in a diamond, and it was me and him holding each other and smiling and all that good stuff. Does that mean we are going to get back together?

My next one was weird because he mentioned something referring to it today, and I never told him the dream. I dreamt I was pregnant and that he was there for the birthing, which was in my room. The nurse tells me to push and I push, and I feel it. I mean I really feel this baby inside me coming out.

The baby falls off my bed and crawls away from us only to hit its head on a desk. Then it starts crying and it comes back to me. My boyfriend mentioned to me that he wanted to have a baby this morning as well. I know that I'm young and everything. I'm not thinking about having a baby just yet, but I need to know. This is the third dream I have had like this! 

—Amy, Age 18, Single, Atlantic City, NJ, USA

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