live to the fullest

Background information: My Grandma whom I was very close to passed away about a month ago. She had Lou Gehrig’s disease and was in a lot of pain for the last month of her life. I then slipped into a deep depression shutting everyone out. I miss her very much.

In my dream, my family and I were at a big house, after my grandma’s funeral. I went upstairs and entered one of the rooms, and there was my grandma, sitting in a rocking chair waiting.

I screamed and started to cry. She told me to be quiet so I wouldn’t startle anyone. I told her how much I missed her and wished she hadn’t gone. She then told me that she missed me too, but she was happier where she is, and that she is with my uncle and grandpa and her brothers. She told me not to be depressed about her death and not to shut other people out, and to live my life to the fullest. 

—Nina, Age 15, Single, Ft. Wayne, IN, US

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