Hi Travis - 

Pretty upsetting dream there - and I understand why you were freakin’ - but Travis - you have to remember it was just a dream!! :-) 

Dreams show us thoughts and feelings that are on our minds. In this case, your dream is showing you that you feel insecure right now about your relationship with your girlfriend. You worry about her being with someone else - which is unfortunate - to be worried about someone else’s committment to a relationship - but this is a common concern at one time or another in all relationships. 

Why do you think you dreamed this? Did she do something recently that made you think she might be interested in someone else - or do you think it was just your own fears that caused it? If it was your own fears, then why don’t you recognize that you were freaking out a little - and that what you did to your girlfriend (did you accuse her of cheating??) was unfair. Then tell her that sometimes you worry about losing her and that you could use some words of re-assurance. I’m sure she’ll appreciate your honesty - and your apology. Good Luck!

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