beauty contest!

Hi Cass - 

Isn’t school like one giant beauty contest sometimes? Some days it can feel like people think you’re cool or not - just because of what you’re wearing or whether you say the right things. There’s a lot more pressure at school than just worrying about our grades and homework. It’s no wonder you took a few wrong steps in that dance routine! 

If life - and school - really was a beauty contest, then one of those “beauty queen” finalists certainly would have won. I think one of the messages of your dream may be that “looks aren’t everything.” The real winner in your dream had something better than good looks and all the right moves. I think you already may have learned that it’s what’s on the inside that counts - even though it may not always appear that way. 

Brains, kindness, honesty, a good personality, an ability to laugh at ourselves...or maybe even just a good laugh - these are qualities that will count the most in the long run. Just because they’re harder to see doesn’t mean they’re less important. Why don’t you try an experiment? Try talking to some of the people in your school who aren’t lined up to win the next beauty or popularity contest based on looks and clothes - and see what cool qualities lurk inside. You’ll be surprised!

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