hidden treasure

I've had dreams of finding hidden treasures in houses now for many, many years. Usually I am in a large, elegant house -- it's very richly decorated and I am walking around exploring. As I walk through the house, I find treasures and knick-knacks from my past -- always beautiful things. I also usually discover a series of hidden rooms, and in each new room I find more treasures.

I've had this dream so many times that in the dream I know I am dreaming. I even remind myself, in the dream, to remember where the hidden rooms are when I wake up, but I never can. I know it is very important that I remember where these rooms are.

I keep thinking that this dream is trying to tell me something (about a hidden potential within myself?) but I cant figure it out. Can you help me find the lost rooms?

—Sharene, married, age 55, Minneapolis, MN

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