boy crazy

Hi Katie -

Have you ever had dreams where you’re trying to reach someone on the phone, but funny stuff keeps happening? Like you keep dialing the wrong number, or suddenly the phone goes dead, or someone keeps walking in the room when you’re tring to speak—so you can’t get any privacy?

Your dreams of trying to kiss your crush sound just the same. What was going to be a kiss (when you ran down the stairs to say hi) turns out to be only a hug. And just when things start warming up at your high school, your friend Emily decides to have a jealousy fit! Will you guys ever be alone?

Do you know what the best part of this dream is? It’s when your crush starts saying all those nice things about you—right in front of your friends. What’s the meaning? He likes you, a lot, and he’s not afraid to come right out and say it. The other great part is how much (obviously) you like him. When you two are together, you’re both walking on clouds...

Give up now? No way!! Hold on to this guy. Now that you’re both able to drive, your “communication breakdown” days are going to end—and your kissing days are about to begin!

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