I had a series of dreams last night that caused me to wake up extremely depressed and fearful. The thought of my friends disgusted me and I never wanted to wake up again. The dreams were not in any way disturbing in actual content and this is what I find puzzling.

In the first scene my mother forced me to find a new job, as my current one (as a file clerk in a healthcare center) was inadequate. I was forced to take a job at a butcher’s shop carving meat. I am a vegetarian, making this job highly unusual for me. I was not happy doing this, but knew it was the only possible way for me to earn money for college.

In the second dream I was skiing. I am not an avid skier, but found myself teaching a small child how to ski on the bunny hills in order to impress someone (unclear who).

In my third dream all of my friends had decided to physically express their anger rather than talking about it. We were in the school theater (where we spend a lot of our time) and my friend was doing gymnastics on the curtains and lighting equipment. When another friend came in and saw her doing this he began hitting her. Soon, everyone was beating each other up, and no one was talking at all.

In my last dream I drove up to Denny’s restaurant to have breakfast after a school musical (this is where most of my friends go in the morning after cast parties) and I couldn’t find any of my friends’ cars. The parking lot kept getting larger and larger. Suddenly, I was dressed all in black and parading around with a group of people dancing to Marylin Manson music in the parking lot of Denny’s. (not characteristic of me at all)

I have no idea why these dreams disturbed me so much...although my life hasn’t been perfect of late--my first choice college application was deferred and my grandpa was recently hospitalized with cancer...can’t see the connection, however. 

-- Molly, Age 17, Canton, MI, USA

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