Hi Anonymous— 

Whenever we dream of being really “good friends” with celebrities, it usually means that we see qualities in the celebs that we admire, that we wish we also possessed. The dreams also signify that we would like some attention ourselves. Afer all, celebs are famous. Wouldn’t it be fun to share the spotlight—with a famous celeb like Britney? 

You’ve already told us that you’re jealous of Britney, because she’s dating Justin Timberlake of NSync. Usually when we’re jealous of someone, it’s because they have something we want. Hmmmmm. Does it take too long to figure out what Britney has—that you also want? It’s Justin!! 

Your dreams of being friends with Britney (instead of rivals) shows us that, somewhere, you actually admire her for the qualities she has. You don’t like her clothes or her music—so it must be for her ability to attract a dream guy like Justin!

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