Background information: My mother is a bit possessive, and she wants to make all my decisions for me.

In my dream, my parents were having a big party with a lot of guests. In our living room there was a big frozen lake, and I could see something lying at the bottom of it. Nobody else could see the thing in the lake. They did not believe me.

Then they broke the ice to prove that there wasn't anything in the lake. I tried to stop them because I could feel it was something bad. Then a horrible big monster came out of the lake. Everybody ran for their lives, but the monster succeeded in catching my mother and it skinned her. It was awful. I saw her in the claws of the monster, still alive. Her skin was lying on the floor, and I could see her bare flesh and bones.

Then the monster went after my sister and me. We tried to climb out of the window but I woke up just before the monster reached us. Then I cried, because I love my mother and the dream had seemed so real. 

-- Susan, Age 18, Single, USA


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