Hi Anonymous— 

It sounds like putting a mirror under your pillow really works!! You had a dream, and your old crush appeared in the mirror! (Some old crushes will just pop in anywhere, huh? It was an assignment for your religion class, where you were supposed to see your “inner self!”) 

Hmmm. Does this mean your crush is still “living inside you?” Even if you do say that he’s really just an “old” crush? 

The meaning of this dream is clear: your old crush is still on your mind! If you think it over and decide that you do still like him, why don’t you consider asking him out for a date, instead of waiting around for him to suggest a place to go? 

In the meantime, why don’t all our romantic dreamers do this same assignment this week? Put a small mirror under your pillow (don’t use a big one—that might break!) and see who appears in your dreams at night... 

Is it an old crush? A new crush? Is it your science teacher? (Gross...) 

Who’s the star of your dreams? The “dream mirror” will tell you!

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