dangerous flirt

 Hi Amy— 

This is a very bad dream indeed! And its meaning is so clear that we really don’t need to spell it out too much, do we? Flirting can be a dangerous game - especially if you don’t know who you are flirting with! 

Most of the time flirting is fun and relatively harmless. Most people know when to say when - and if someone says no - they respect it. 

Unfortunately, there really are some very unhealthy people in this world. Your dream shows that you already are aware of some of the dangers that attend going out alone - or even with a girlfriend. Also, when alcohol is involved, things can quickly get out of hand. 

What’s the message of this dream? Go out and have fun - but do your flirting and chit-chatting inside - where there’s lots of lights and people around. When you leave a pub, never leave alone, and always make sure you find a guy you know to walk you to your car. This is one dream you really don’t want to come true!

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