drunk driving

I am in the midst of trying to get my license back after losing it due to a Drunk Driving incident. After the DD, I stopped drinking and it’s been over a year since I have had a drink.

My parents have seen me go through quite a lot with my drinking and although they are somewhat supportive, they have not withheld their critical judgment of my lifestyle and my choices.

This past weekend I went to visit my lawyer who posed questions to me that I will likely hear at a court hearing where my license is going to be reviewed next week. I came out of that appointment emotionally exhausted and took a nap to alleviate the emotions that were running through me.

I dreamt that I was at a party and was standing in a crowd drinking. I felt kind of tipsy and also like I had drugs in my system. A dog (my parent’s dog, a Weimereiner) was standing on his hind legs (like a person) and linked his “arm” in mine and attempted to pull me to the door several times. Each time, I disentangled his arm from mine and went back to where I was standing and drinking with the people I was talking to. The dog then became larger and slammed me against the wall so that I couldn’t move or get away. I was pinned.

At this point the party that was social becomes a family get-together and I call my mom over to help get the dog off me. In helping me, she gets close enough to smell my breath and she realizes I have been drinking. She was successful with removing the dog and then whispered something to my stepfather and he told me to get my purse because he was going to take me home.

I was angry and embarrassed that I had to leave. I kept insisting that I wasn’t drunk and no one would listen. I then went up to my sister whom the dream established as the hostess of the party and demanded to know why she allowed the dog to manhandle me and why I had to leave with my parents. (Mind you, I am 30 years old, live alone and have a successful career).

In the dream, my sister appears as a different ethnic race than she is in real life, with a big blonde wig and sunglasses. She replies “HELLO! It’s my dog. Don’t you think the dog is going to be loyal to me? Don’t you think he’ll do my DIRTY WORK?” At this point I am so demoralized and crestfallen, I grab my purse and leave.

—Amanda, Age 30, Single, USA


The parent's dog in this dream symbolizes...

A. The police
B. The family
C. The addiction

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