Hi Nina— 

I know you need an answer to this dream A.S.A.P. Why would you ever dream about someone you love being killed?

Fortunately, I think you provided all the background we need to understand this dream. You have been upset recently with your boyfriend's lack of attention. When you learned that he was abandoned by his mother at a young age, though, you felt bad that you had judged him before - without understanding all the facts. This feeling is represented in your dream by your boyfriend being arrested (judged) for a crime that it turns out he did not commit.

Just when you think he is going to be set free, the police put him into a gas chamber, and he dies. Death in dreams is a consistent metaphor for change and separation. Is it possible, as you suggest, that your dream really is showing your fears for the future? Your boyfriend is a senior in high school, and next year he will probably move away to begin college. Are you worried that this change will spell the death of your relationship?

Death in dreams always is confusing, because our immediate tendency is to worry if the dream is precognitive or a warning. Given the background you provide though, we can all be sure that the death you fear is only a symbolic one.

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