Hi Jenilee - 

First I want to thank you for sharing your dreams with Ask the Dream Doctor. It takes a lot of courage to talk about depression and some of the feelings that go along with it. 

When you confided in Mrs. Johnson that you recently were depressed and also had suicidal urges, I think you felt two feelings. Happy to have found a person who might really be a good friend, and also nervous that maybe you told her too much. 

Your first dream reflects this fear of betrayal very plainly. After you tell the class your hopes and dreams for New Year’s Eve, Mrs. Johnson starts putting you down, telling you you’re too poor, you could never afford a New Year’s Eve like that, blah blah blah... And she does it for the whole rest of the period. It goes on and on... How humiliating! 

The second dream reflects the other side of your feelings. In it, Mrs. Johnson is like an older sister, and you two go shopping together in cool shops in New York. She buys you things, and she takes care of you. I am sure this was a happy dream! 

In the third dream, Mrs. Johnson leaves her husband to date a security guard at your school! It’s a strange dream! What could it mean? Here’s a possible explanation. Is it possible that you wish you had Mrs. Johnson all to yourself (she leaves her husband) so that she could give you that extra-security you need right now? :-) 

The last dream, I am sure, was the scariest. Mrs. Johnson begins to betray your trust again, and finally you can’t take it anymore! Suddenly you are able to telekinetically harm and kill everyone who is laughing at you, like Carrie at her prom. It is interesting to note, though, that the one life you spare is Mrs. Johnson’s—because she is pregnant. 

Your dreams show some of the different ways you perceive your relationship with Mrs. Johnson. It would be great if she was like an older sister. It would be horrible if she betrayed your trust. Fortunately, Mrs. Johnson almost certainly is going to function somewhere in between these two extremes. She can’t be your sister, but she can be a good friend when you need her. She also will never betray your trust like you fear in your dreams. 

What’s the significance of her being pregnant in the last dream? Most likely it symbolizes the future of your friendship together. 

Mrs. Johnson is an important friend in your life right now, Jenilee, but your dreams suggest that you need to keep your expectations, and your fears, about her in balance. You shouldn’t be expecting her to come to your rescue, or to betray you either. 

Keep up the great work of learning to understand your feelings, Jenilee. I think you deserve an A+—for keeping it together in trying times.

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