different backgrounds

I am 15 and I have been going out with my boyfriend for a month and a week. I love him very much and we were good friends before we went out.

We are of the same heritage and everything. We are both white except he is Christian and I am Jewish.

Well, I had this horrible dream. It was that I was black and he was white and I was an Indian and I was sitting on his lap. We were reading this book about cowboys and Indians. Each cowboy group had a profile. One of them said if they scream “red bandanas” they kill all the Indians. This terrified me because I was an Indian.

Anyway. All of a sudden the door to the basement slammed open and I heard a cowboy scream “red bandana.” Well, my boyfriend got scared and instead of protecting me he threw me and left and never came back. And I was killed by the cowboy. What do you think this dream suggests? 

- Lauren, Age 15, Female, “Taken,” North Kingstown, RI, USA


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