don't wake me up!

Hi Anonymous - 

No, it’s not true. They’ll probably just be mad that you woke them up from a really cool dream! But at least they’ll be able to remember their dream. Sometimes if you don’t wake up in the middle of a dream you completely forget what you were dreaming about. 

Which reminds me... 

Did you guys know that everyone dreams for about an hour and a half every night??? That’s a lot of dreams. That’s almost as long as 1/2 of Titanic .....Every night! So maybe we should be waking ourselves up during dreams more often... 

Someone else wrote in asking how to improve their memory for dreams. One way that’s easy to do is to set your alarm clock for about 45 minutes before you normally get up, and then hit the “snooze” button several times before you actually get up. The alarm will wake you up repeatedly from your dreams - which will help you to remember them better. Does anyone want to try this experiment and write in their results? The first ten people who do get a cool Dream Catcher bookmark from the Dream Doctor! You can use the bookmark to mark your place in your dream journal!! So set your alarm clocks and get dreaming!!

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