online cheating

I dreamed I could not get my husband off the Internet. I dreamed we had a fight and I told him I knew he was emailing another woman. He started to lie, then he told me it was true. I felt like someone had kicked me in the belly. In my dream I suspected he was having an affair, but I didn’t really believe it.

My husband said he was confused and that he loved me. He didn’t want us to get separated, but I had lost all respect for him, and although I still loved him, I asked him to leave.

He kept following me around in my dream and trying to get us to get back together, but I would not do it. I enrolled in exercise classes and while I was at the rec center people that had known both of us tried to avoid me. So I said (to a group of guys I saw), “So exactly how many of you knew about this?”

One guy that I have never seen before (but he seemed familiar in my dream) told me that they had seen this girl coming and going from my husband’s office (I am not sure if this is important, but in my dream my hubby was in a new office, and soon he will be moving to a new office) and that she had a reputation for going after happily married men and dumping them when they got a divorce.

I asked this man what she looked like and he told me she had long, reddish brown hair, had never had kids, was built very nicely, and she was half Cherokee Indian. Earlier in the dream my husband had told me she was 23. This really hit me hard as I am 34 and my husband is 41.

I realized in my dream that I would be fine without my husband and that I would find love again.

When I woke up from this dream I was totally overwhelmed physically. I could not breath. I felt like some one had punched me. I was trying not to puke. I had to get up and I could not go back to sleep. I felt like this dream meant something because I was in so much physical turmoil when I woke up.

My husband and I have been married for 19 years and I have had dreams of him leaving me before, but in these dreams he didn’t love me anymore and I felt like I could not make it without him, and I would beg him to stay. When I had the other dreams I was experiencing marital problems because of my jealousy, but I have not been experiencing marital problems recently.

In fact, for the first time in our marriage, I can honestly say I am not jealous. I have been going through a kind of new birth. I am a stay at home mom and I have been for most of our marriage. In the last 2 years though, I went back to work and quickly got promoted to manager. This made me feel a lot better about myself. I have gone back to college and I am doing pretty good at it. I have faced a lot of problems lately that I refused to deal with years ago, and I feel I have moved on. In fact I have felt much better about life in general lately.

Please help me if you can. I feel like this dream is going to wreck all the progress I have made in the last couple of years. This dream has made a big impression on me because of the very strong physical sensations with it, and I can’t seem to shake the feeling that this was in some way a warning. 

—Debbie, Age 34, Female, Married, Rawlins, WY, USA

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