drama queen

Hi Karla - 

Can we take that one more time? 

(Just Kidding!) 

No, I don’t think your dream is a sign that you are going to freak out and forget your name once you step on stage (staring into the bright lights of fame...) To the contrary, your dream just shows what a hard worker you are! It’s an anxiety dream, and you’re worried about getting everything right. 

It’s hard to be a good actress. In addition to feeling your character’s experience, you have to remember all your lines, remember all your cues (when other people stop talking, and when you’re supposed to start), and you need to speak clearly and get your audience to believe in you. Is it any wonder you worry about keeping track of it all? 

“Butterflies” in your stomach are part of the game. Whether you’re lining up for a soccer match, or getting ready to go on stage - they’re always there. 

Anyone as dedicated as you are (you’re worrying about it in your dreams!) is going to be a great actress. Stick with it, and we’ll see you under the bright lights soon!

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