Hi Owlwalker— 

Wow! It’s not too hard to read the message of this dream: Breaking up is hard to do! You’re trying to put this girl out of your mind, but she’s sticking around longer than you thought! 

On the “plus side” of things, it’s pretty clear that you were definitely sexually attracted to your ex. You like kissing her, and even when your sister disapproves, you just keep on going! 

Soon though, all the guilty feelings you have about leaving the relationship begin to haunt you. When you go to your ex’s house for a family dinner, your ex’s mom gives you a disappointed look. What’s the meaning? She’s sad that you are no longer “part of the family.” Your ex’s mom, whom you “love a great deal,” hoped you were going to be a son-in-law. The symbolism of the young boy on the couch, who begins to tell you about his brother’s haircut, most likely is another reference to family. 

With all this family around, you start feeling strange (kind of like the “odd man out?”), but your ex tempts you with sex. As soon as she does, you begin telling her you love her. (Love her for sex?) Your ex wisely corrects you. If you really love her, how come you don’t call her on the phone? 

You tell us you don’t want to think about your ex anymore, Owlwalker, but your dream suggests she’s still attractive to you sexually. It’s also clear that you don’t like disappointing her family, who grew to love you as “one of their own.” Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution to your mixed emotions. It’s hard to say good-bye to old loves. If you really want to leave her behind, though, it will help if you don’t pick up the phone.

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