Last night I had a dream that involved my ex-girlfriend. In the dream, I walked into a place that I assumed was my old high school, but it didn’t look like my old high school. My sister was sitting next to me on a table and I was sitting on a couch.

My ex came in the room, took one look at me and yelled my name in excitement. She then rushed over to me and jumped into my lap. Her body felt different somehow, resting against mine. She seemed to be proportioned differently. In no time we were kissing and I felt intoxicated by her small lips and mouth. I then looked over to my sister, and she told me, “You shouldn’t kiss her,” but I couldn’t stop.

When my ex left the room I found myself apologizing to my sister (she didn’t like my ex-girlfriend). The next thing I know I’m going to my ex’s apartment—which also doesn’t look like her apartment—but I know it is.

Her family is having dinner or some sort of meal but her mother, whom I love a great deal, looks at me disappointedly. I look on a couch and there is this little boy whom I have never seen. He begins telling me about his brother’s haircut.

I feel strange but in a flash I am in the bathroom with my ex. She says she wants to have sex with me. I’m so excited that I begin thinking about the two of us engaged in intercourse. For some reason I told her I love her but she said, “no you don’t. ” I assure her that I do, but she then asks why I haven’t called her in a year. We spoke a little over a month ago, but I feel disgraced by her comment and can’t say anything in return. Then I woke up.

What does this dream mean? I need to know as soon as possible because...I don’t even know why! I just don’t want to think about her anymore. 

—Owlwalker, Age 19, Single, Male, Los Angeles, CA, USA


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