failed my exam!

Hi Winsy - 

Your dream most likely indicates (guilty?) feelings that you are not preparing enough for your schoolwork. In both subjects, you were able to easily complete the exams - but then you wound up failing them because you went off and did something unrelated to school - like going shopping. 

One of the hardest things to do in college is to learn how to balance our work and social activities. There are so many distractions: girlfriends, boyfriends, going to parties, dances, social events. Your dream is warning you of the difficulties of juggling all these competing interests. 

I doubt you have ever failed an exam, but you may be being pulled away from your schoolwork right now by all your extra-curricular interests. If you want to prevent this dream from happening again, why don’t you make an effort to pay extra attention to your assignments? Do your homework ahead of time, and save the partying for later. That way - next time you go in to take an exam - you will be prepared. We bet you get at least a “B” on that test! 

Then you can go out and celebrate!

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