fast and dangerous

Hi Bree - 

There’s something about the wild ones, isn’t there? 

If you’re looking for excitement in your life - it looks like you’ve found the right guy. He’s so dangerous you don’t know what’s going to happen next! And, if he’s as reckless as you say, he may indeed wind up in a hospital needing surgery. Maybe after a fiery car crash? 

The fast lane is romantic from a distance - and we all enjoy the thrill of wind rushing through our hair. I suspect, though, that this romance most likely will crash and burn - or perhaps just come to a slow fizzle. The reason why? It’s like you said. You two don’t have much in common. 

The reason you’re dreaming about your new friend getting hurt (and dying) is because you’re worried about him. Why don’t you tell him your feelings - that you care about him and don’t want him to hurt himself? It may help him take his foot off the gas just enough to avoid a serious accident. 

When you’re running a race - the guys who crash and burn lose. Winners arrive alive - and they get to enjoy the victory party.

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