Hi Molly - 

I think your dreams are representing some of the frustration you are feeling right now with events occurring in your life. In the first dream you are forced to be a butcher when you are a vegetarian - not a cool way to earn extra money for college. In the secnd dream you are teaching kids to ski on the “bunny” slopes, but you say you really don’t like skiing, and that you are trying to please someone. Are you contemplating being a snow bunny - cute with looks - to please people and to get your way? 

I think the third dream - when everyone acts out their anger instead of communicating - may hold a bit of a message for yourself. Anger often is a difficult emotion to acknowledge - even to feel in ourselves. That is, we can be angry without even knowing that we are. I think the last dream also, where you were dressed in black dancing to Marilyn Manson, also suggests anger and frustration. 

Currently you are uncertain about your future (college) and also have the stress of financial worries. And your grand-dad was just diagnosed with cancer, which I am very sorry to learn. I think that instead of acting out your anger (like your dream shows in the acting class, and dancing to Marilyn Manson) that you can instead recognize that you are in a frustrating period and resolve to carry yourself with grace, humor, and a sense of wisdom. It is important to be able to ride out difficult periods in your life without “becoming a victim” - blaming your college, parents, or “life” for your current situation. Besides, things are going to get a lot better for you in just a few months. You’re going to get into college - even though it might not be your first choice, and you’re also never going to have to take a job as a butcher (I don’t think you’re CUT OUT for it!!) :-) And while you may not have as much money as you want right now - it’s important to recognize that money - certainly - isn’t everything. Money can buy a lot of things - but it can’t buy you love - nor can it buy your health. 

I think your dreams are reflecting some of your current frustrations - but I wouldn’t get too worked up about them. I suspect that you also have a great deal to be thankful for in your life. Don't forget all the gifts you have! Friends, family, health, a promising career.... These are the essentials, Molly.

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