Hi Anonymous - 

Sounds like you’re stressing on this one! 

Have you considered that the reason you’re having these dreams is because you like this girl so much? That you’re just scared you might lose her - after waiting for so long? 

Also, sometimes when we think we’ve found the right person, we can get a little insecure. Basically we think the other person is so great, that we begin to wonder about ourselves. Will they like me as much as I like them? Am I good enough? What if I do something stupid and act like a jerk? Will she leave me? 

I think it’s important to give yourself some credit, anonymous. After all, of course she likes you! That’s why she’s going out with you! She’s not going to run - unless you give her good reason to. 

The Dream Doctor’s advice? Don’t sweat the small stuff, stay cool, and enjoy getting to know your great new girlfriend. 

Love is great, isn’t it? :-)

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