Hi Mary—

Isn’t breaking up the worst? If it’s not you getting shot in the stomach, it’s your boyfriend going on some ultra-dangerous secret mission, where he’s sure to wind up dead. These are not fun dreams!

(Kissing and making up would be more like it!)

Are you surprised at how much violence there is in these dreams? And by all the military presence? What’s up with that?

Usually if we dream we are being shot at with a gun, it means we feel we are under attack, emotionally, in our waking lives. The presence of the military in your dream, also, is a common dream symbol for authority. In this case, your boyfriend’s recent decision to call off your relationship—so he can have fun and explore his freedom—most likely felt like a direct order. “Yes, sir!”

Similarly, the determination he has shown in his waking life (he is determined to be free and single for a while), most likely is the “mission” he is going on in your dream. All that fear of death? You’re afraid that if your man goes ahead with this “secret mission” of his—you may “lose him forever.”

So what’s the deal? Did your honey run off to discover himself, or did he, after a few sniffs around the neighborhood, decide that he wanted to come back and be with his sweetie? (That’s the dream where he comes back and gives you the ring!)

Write back and give us the 411! Inquiring minds want to know!

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