i have to lose weight!

Hi Travis - 

Welcome to your classic ANXIETY dream!! :-) 

It’s typical for us to dream about things that are on our minds during the day. In your case, being a wrestler, you have to watch your weight in order to be in the right weight class for wrestling matches. The dream reflects your concern that you are going to be a little bit heavy for your class, and then reflects your worry that you’re not going to be able to lose the weight - because you “accidentally” fall asleep. 

When people have dreams where they are late for class, can’t find the classroom, can’t find the right train to get on, etc., it usually means they are feeling unprepared for whatever “test” is coming up. Your dream is very similar, and is giving you the same message. 

If you’re really worried about making weight for your next match - why don’t you prepare ahead of time? Start your running schedule early this week and then you’ll be ahead of the game. The better prepared you are - for whatever you do in life - the less often you will have this dream. And, whenever you do have it, remember that it’s your mind warning you that you need to get ready - start preparing now - for whatever “test” is coming up!

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