holding on

Hi Mandie - 

I can’t think of a clearer dream metaphor for “holding on” to the “things” left behind by a lover. First it was a shoe, then a stereo, and some times you waited day and night (slept on the field) in order to pick up tomorrow’s leftovers. 

Are you holding on to a relationship that is over? Or is your ex purposely leaving these reminders of himself behind - because he’s afraid to let go? If you think - in your heart of hearts - that the relationship is over, then you need to leave those objects behind on the field - it’s not your business anymore. If you think your ex is trying to keep you holding on - then you better think about that as well. You two are friends - but your relationship is still blurry. Are you friends or lovers? 

If he’s not ready right now to start going out again - then I think you have to quit waiting around. As soon as you stop looking back, you will meet a great guy in your future!

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