Hi Sabrena - 

Before we interpret your dream I think we’d better do an even simpler translation. For everyone out there who doesn’t know how to speak Cool British English, “snogging” means “making out” with someone (passionate kissing) - and “besotted” is what you are when you are hopelessly in love with a really cute boy or girl. 

OK, now on to the dream - which is full of cool dream symbols! 

Do you think when you were kissing Boy #1 (the guy you were flirty with last night) that Boy #2 (the guy you’re besotted with) might have been on your mind? I think you may be trying to make up your mind between these two guys - and that this explains the two tongues. You’re not sure which of these boys you really want to snog! As for the trampoline, I think it’s a pretty sexy symbol. I think you may want to “bounce around” with Boy #1. (Or is it Boy #2?) 

Dreams often use fairly unusual symbols to represent sex. For example, climbing flights of stairs and riding on bicycles in dreams both are believed to be common metaphors for sex. Even sliding down a slide - like you see in a playground - can symbolize the act of making love. And now, in your dream - a trampoline. What’s the common link between all these symbols? They all involve motion - as does making love. 

It’s natural enough to be dreaming about snogging and trampolines - when you’re “besotted.” Just remember, though, that it’s easy to lose your balance when you’re “head over heels.” The Dream Doctor’s advice? Be smart, take your time, take care of yourself, and plan wisely for your future. Because when it arrives - you’ll be glad you did. Preparing for your future is a gift that you give yourself. 

Good luck with your “dream guys.” We hope that you soon are snogging only one tongue!

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