learning to crawl

Hi Amy— 

It's not too hard to figure out the meaning of your first dream. We all know that diamonds are associated with marriage. In your dream you see yourself standing inside a diamond, holding your boyfriend and smiling. Your dream shows that a committed relationship, definitely, is on your mind. 

Babies in dreams are common symbols for the "product of a relationship" between two people. Do you think it's significant that the baby you share with your boyfriend "crawls away from you" (you and your boyfriend are separated now) and hits it head on a desk, and starts to cry? If you ever feel like you're "banging your head against a wall" with your boyfriend (and getting hurt in the process) this baby appears to represent your feelings. 

It's normal to dream of babies, especially when we're hopeful in a romantic relationship. Before you and your boyfriend commit to having a baby in real life, though, you may want to listen the message of this dream. Your relationship, right now, is still "learning to crawl." Before you can hold a baby in your arms, you first need to learn to hold each other.

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