losing my virginity

Hi Anonymous— 

This is an intense dream, and I agree it is disturbing. But before you let your imagination get too spooked (I don’t think it was not a precognitive dream, or a repressed memory) it may help if we consider the context a bit. 

Is it possible your dream represents some of your thoughts recently about friends who have lost their virginity? Sex often can be perceived as a violent act (rape) in dreams, and the indifference which your friends show to your predicament suggests that you don’t feel like you’re getting much support. If you’ve been turned off by some of what you’ve seen or heard recently (bad stories from friends about their latest sexual experiences - being used, etc.) then this may explain your own private parts being sewn together. After what you’ve seen some of your friends go through, you may be deciding that you’d rather give up sex—than go through all that pain! 

There’s a lot of pressure to lose your virginity in high school. If you’ve been feeling some of this pressure, then remember that you’re the one who has power over your own sexuality and virginity. If it isn’t safe, comfortable, and meaningful—then the “sexual blues” aren’t worth it!

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