swears a lot!

I don’t swear really at all, and usually I just go with the flow, but...

My 2 younger brothers and I were being baby-sat several blocks away from our house. The house was three stories tall. The wall that overlooked the top floor was glass and had a few sliding glass doors. Our mini-van was parked in the drive. I was on the top floor in a rocking chair. I had a bathrobe on over my clothes and I was fuming with rage that my parents would actually leave us with this old woman when we were perfectly capable to handle ourselves, me being 13 and my brothers a little younger.

Apparently, the sitter wanted to take us somewhere in the van. But I was reading so it was a no-go situation in my mind. The sitter was in the drive with the van door open screaming at me to get my little hiney down here this second. I opened the sliding door and yelled a string of obscenities at her and dumped back in the the chair. My brothers were shocked and were timidly trying to convince me to go down with them. I told them I didn’t give (insert obscenity) what the sitter wanted me to do, I was reading a beepin book, you beepers.

The lady is just yelling her head off at me which was rather disturbing. So I opened the doors, jumped down on the roof of the car, swore some more and began running off down the road to my house. She chased slower, considering her age, so I had ample time to turn around and vent my wrath. After about 2 blocks I took off my bathrobe and chucked it at her, around which time she couldn’t keep up.

I continued to run but ran past my house to my best friend’s house. I leapt her six-foot fence which they use to keep the dogs in. I guess she was having a barbeque; there were vollyball nets, picnic tables and guys standing near bbqs in aprons. I slumped down in a picnic table next to some very fine guys. I guess it was still not my day so when they greeted me I swore at them and they didn’t talk to me anymore.

My friend noticed me and came over, “Hey, what’s up? Want anything to eat?” My strange reply was, “Got a knife?” She pulled one from her pocket and I took it over to a big tree and began carving obscenities into the bark. Her eyes get all wide, “Man, your parents aren’t gonna like that.” “I don’t give a beepin beep etc.etc.etc. what my parents want!”

Lots of my dreams seem to follow that trend even though it is not my personality at all. 

—Sarah, Age 13, Single, Female, Fort Leavenworth, KS, USA


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