(the pain of) LOVE

Hi John - 

Sounds like love to me. 

I don’t know how much you and your girlfriend get to see each other, but it seems like there’s enough distance between you for it to be a problem. 

Do you think she’s really dating someone else? Or do you think that’s just your own head going crazy with worry - ’cause you aren’t able to get over there to see her as much as you want? 

It’s clear from your dream you’re worried she might start dating someone. And, let’s face it, the image of you two “heading different directions” on the escalators isn’t too reassuring. I get the feeling that the distance is causing you two to drift apart - and that it’s hard all around. 

The fact that she’s dating a guy (in the dream) named John suggests she wants to be dating you (that’s why she’s with a guy named John) - but the distance is making it hard. 

Have you spoken with her yet about your feelings? If you two really are in love and really want to be together, why don’t you both work on getting a car - so you can cruise back and forth and visit each other? (Five hundred bucks ought to get you something you can drive around - ten weeks of work at a part-time job). 

If she doesn’t feel that committed, maybe it’s a sign - that there’s more than distance separating you both. 

(If it’s love, why does it have to hurt so much?)

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