making friends

Hi Justina - 

Why don’t you do an experiment? Why don’t you bring some of your favorite CDs or music videos with you to youth group, and see if you can’t play them or talk about them with some of your friends? If you feel safe - and if you feel like you’re definitely going to get it back - why don’t you let a friend - or even a new person - borrow one? Maybe they can arrange to bring in one of their CDs or videos the next week, and that way you can share new music together with your friends. 

I think you also might want to bring along that N sync video - “N The Mix” - for your friend Roby. Tell him that you had a feeling that he might like to borrow it - and that he can if he wants. See what he says! 

It’s hard to make new friends whereever you are - but I think your dream is right on: music is a great “ice-breaker!” Take a chance and follow this dream! I think your friends will admire your cool moves.

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