marriage to a mystery groom

Hi Ana— 

I don’t think it’s too hard to figure out the meaning of this dream! Your very close friend already is engaged. In the dream, you were going to have a “double wedding” with her! Do you think it’s possible you’ve been thinking about your friend’s engagement lately—and wondering what it would be like to get married yourself? 

Disneyland is an unusual place to have a wedding, but as we all know, it’s “the happiest place on Earth.” (That’s what Disneyland says!) Once your friend got involved in a serious relationship, though, it’s natural that you would wonder what it is like, and would also want to join in the fun. Being in love is great! Who doesn’t want to be in such a happy place? 

Dreams of being unable to see a “dream lover’s” face also are common. In these dreams, we’re finally with “the one,” but for some reason, every time we look, we can’t see his or her face! How frustrating! 

The meaning of “faceless lover” dreams, though, is surprisingly simple. We’re dreaming about our future partner, but we don’t know who they are yet! That’s why the dream keeps showing them without a face, or always turned away. 

Your mom doesn’t mind when you tell her the wedding’s off. What’s the meaning of this part of your dream? You may have been thinking about getting married recently—imagining what it would be like—but even in your dream you recognize that you aren’t really ready yet. Your mom, being the wise woman that she is, agrees. You’re 17, but marriage is something you definitely don’t need to rush in to. 

Your friend may be engaged to get married, but for the time being, it looks like you’re going to “pass” on the double wedding. What’s the message of this dream? Take your time! When you find the right guy, he’ll be starring in your waking life and in your dreams, and you’ll be able to look deeply into his big, romantic eyes.

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