I have tornado dreams often. Usually I am not scared by my dreams. There is more a sense of urgency and almost wonder. This one however, was more of a scary dream.

It was a perfect day. All of a sudden tornadoes started popping up. They started far off. I went to the parlor and there was one in there. I went running down into the basement and told my Mom to follow, but she didn’t. I told Beau, my dog, to come and he did. I went down and sat on the floor. I went back up the steps and I yelled at Mom, “Fine. If you want to see a tornado, look in the parlor, then come down to the basement.” I was trying to persuade her to come down.

Then I looked out the window and saw a tornado form down by the barn. I ran down the steps again and grabbed Beau and put my back to a wall. The tornado picked up the house and moved it, intact, a mile. I looked up through spaces in the floor board and saw Mom. I yelled at her and asked if she was OK. She said she was hurt. I asked if she wanted help and she said no, it was too dangerous out. I asked her about Jake, my brother, and she said he had been upstairs. Later we found the house—again fully intact—a mile away, and Jake was still upstairs in his room sleeping.

I am a senior in high school and I am really worried about what I am going to do next year and what college I’m going to. I’m getting a lot of pressure about the whole thing from my mother. My brother is already in college. I find it weird that I wasn’t worried about my Dad. The thing that was different about my dream was that I was really panicked in this tornado dream—and usually I am not. I am more calm. Also normally they don’t wreck my house.

My family life is fine and we don’t argue very much. I get along fine with everybody, so why do I have tornado dreams if I have no abusive relationships? I do live in a tornado prone area, and I have been woken up in the middle of the night and rushed down to the basement. My brother and mother were almost hurt when a barn blew apart from a really bad storm. They were in a truck and there were peices of the barn all around the truck, and the barn had ruined the house right behind them. They were not hurt, however. I have also had dreams were I was at school and a tornado hit the school. Almost always there are many different tornadoes in my dreams. In one dream I had 8 different tornadoes! 

—Sarah, Age 17, Single, IL, USA


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