my mom

Hi Samantha - 

Sometimes flying dreams are the greatest in the world - we’re so happy we can fly - and other times they’re a total bummer. We’re escaping from someone who’s chasing us, and we ’re doing our best just to get away.

One of the great wisdoms of dream interpretation is that emotions aren’t disguised in dreams. What this means is that, when you interpret a dream, you always want to ask yourself how you were feeling in it. To do this, just close your eyes and replay the dream. But instead of worrying about all the details, concentrate on how you were feeling. Because that’s what the dream is really about! 

In your dream you are frightened, confused, frustrated and sad. Your mother is angry and upset with you, and you are doing your best just to escape (running and then flying) and get away. 

At some point in your past, I suspect you and your mom had some difficult times. Your dreams show your mom’s anger, and your response of just trying to get away from her (running, then flying away) when she is mad. You don’t tell us if your mom had a temper - or if years of constant moving caused stress in your family. But if there were some hard times, I hope things have settled down and everyone is happier now. 

It’s a good sign that these sad dreams have stopped. (It’s no fun waking up with a wet pillow!) From now on I hope you are dreaming of friends and sports and ice-skating and hot cocoa and horses and boys and school and dolphins and bears ...and all those other crazy things we like to dream about. 

You’re a smart girl for paying attention to your dreams, Samantha. Keep up the good work!

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